Technical Details –  The Grand Caravan



Footprint Area


The following images show the footprint of the caravan, please note the appearance of the caravan is not current. As you can see above it has been painted since these images were taken.




List of Items provided in The Grand Caravan

•      Seating

•     2 x 2 m long aluminum bench seats

•     marine plywood seating bank in 2 parts (hex head bolts to secure bench seats into tierd seating bank)

•     4 x marine plywood stabilizing feet for bench seats (if not secured to seating bank)

•     10 x cushions for bench seats (5 x red, 5 x blue)

•     2 x navy blue skirt covers for bench seats

•     5 x red cushions for floor seating

•      Lighting

•     4 x par16 birdies (dimmable globes)

•     4 x par 38 RGB 512 DMX LEDs (dipswitch and voice activated)

•     2 x 4 channel dimmer rack 512 DMX

•     1 x DMX King controller (ethernet)

•     1 x Apple Airport express (Ethernet)

•     4 x 2m lengths RGB LED strip lights

•     1 x 512 DMX LED strip decoder

•     1 x set outdoor festoons

•      Audio

•     1 x Logitech Z506 5.1 surround speaker system

(5 x satellite speakers, 1 x sub)

(6 x channel input with 3 x 3.5mm stereo jack inputs. green L+R, black rear L+R, yellow center + sub)

(1 x 3.5mm stereo input, green)

(1 x RCA stereo input)

•     2 x M-Audio BX5 powered monitors (5”)

(XLR and TRS input)

·      Other

•     All leads and cables


·       Fire Extinguisher

·       Remote control Air conditioning - Sparrow




Requirement of tow ball, Tare weight 1050.

The manager has a Toyota Hi Ace



15 Amp cable with 240V inverter




4 x 2600kg stabilizers to sit under each corner

2 x wedge levelers for slopes


Jockey wheel


A rachet jockey wheel to easily situate the caravan in place. It gives the ability to remove the caravan from the towing vehicle and maneuver the caravan with ease


Requirements provided by hirer

240 V power connection


Specs Inside the van


2050mm w x 2000 h (at tallest part) x 5000 d


See below for an example of configurations for the inside of the caravan

The set for theatre work Destination Home


The Listening – Blood. Sex. Tears. Note there is also a bench seat where the photographer is standing



The Seating Bank



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