Gutzy! Gutz! Gutz!.jpg

Gutzy has a tummy ache and cant stop farting! Do you know what the problem is? You’ll have to venture inside to find out. Can you keep your eye out while you dodge being digested?

The Grand Caravan has been converted into a giant human digestive system.

Step over the teeth, crawl into the mouth and onto the tongue. Don’t worry, Gutzy wont bite!

Watch out for the epiglottis! Turn left down the oesophagus and pop off to the stomach. What’s next? The intestines! Prepare for the end…push yourself out the sphincture and down the slippery slide!!

Gutzy! Gutz! Gutz!

Previously smelt at:


Castlemaine Winter Festival 

The Village Festival

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Darebin Community & Kite Festival