4.5 *  Rip It Up

4 *  Glam Adelaide

Women of the world festival 2017

This is a stereo mix of the 9min track participants were immersed with inside The Grand Caravan.


These are short form 'snippets' of the longer piece. They are in stereo and best listened to on headphones. The original Listening inside The Grand Caravan, is heard through a 7 channel surround speaker system.

Blood.Sex.Tears. is a participatory, immersive sound installation in two parts.

Part conversational, part confessional all real lives.

Part 1: The Voicing.

Do you have half a minute? Could you talk about blood? Do you have a story containing sex? What do you know of tears?

Inside The Grand Caravan is an intimate space for one. Here is a microphone and old style tape recorder.

You choose an envelope: Blood, Sex or Tears. Inside are your instructions. Press play and record together to begin. When the light goes out press stop.

You privately record your voice for 30 seconds.


Sound artist Sharyn Brand uses The Voicing’s to create The Listening


Part 2: The Listening.

Step inside the intimate and beautiful, The Grand Caravan.

It begins with a Ritual. A preparation for hearing. Now you are ready.

Unlike anything you've heard before. Be immersed within the streams of stories, secrets, joys, and pains as three simple words interconnect and collide.

Blood. Sex. Tears is the real life exposure of our community.


Sound Artist: Sharyn Brand

Performer: Dan Goronszy

Photos; Kiss This Fist Photography


What audiences have been saying:

Gets down to the real nitty gritty

curious, seductive, alluring

Almost nostalgic

Slightly confronting....the fullness of life


Previously presented at


Footscray Community Arts Centre - Women of the World Festival


La Mama Theatre - Midsumma Festival

Gluttony - Adelaide Fringe Festival

Geelong After Dark

Falls Festival, Marion Bay 2015/16


Hares and Hyenas Bookshop - Midsumma Festival

The Village Festival